A tenancy agreement is a legally binding agreement that can only be ended in certain ways.

An agreement may end:

  • when a fixed term has ended (correct notice has been given)

  • during a periodic agreement (correct notice has been given)

  • if the property manager/owner and tenant mutually agree in writing to end a fixed term

  • there is a serious unremedied breach (e.g. for unpaid rent, damage to the property, illegal use of property, property owner fails to maintain property)

  • a serious breach of the agreement occurs in the same way more than twice in one year (QCAT order)

  • the tenant has not complied with a QCAT order

  • the tenant has abandoned the property

  • the property is to be sold (and the tenant is on a periodic agreement)

  • a mortgagee is in possession of the property

  • sole tenant dies, or

  • QCAT order ends the agreement (e.g. for excessive hardship)

The person ending the agreement must use the correct form and comply with the appropriate notice period.