WELCOME HOME TENANTS – congratulations you have moved into your brand-new property! What to do now?

Follow these simple steps below to ensure an easy and smooth tenancy.  

  • Complete your entry condition report and return to your agent within 3 business days of moving into the property.

  • Report any urgent maintenance straight away or any items not working – please remember we do need all maintenance in writing.

  • Make note of our emergency repair contacts for any after hours (these can be found on your lease agreement or contact your property manager)

  • Remember to pay your next lot of rent – you will currently be 2 weeks ahead.

  • Keep us updated with any change of your contact details

  • Move in, relax and enjoy!  


Once you have been approved for a property and set up in our system you will be sent a link to activate your very own ‘PROPERTY ME’ portal. In this portal you can access your paid to date, copy of your lease agreement, rent receipts, any owing invoices, maintenance and much more!

If you have any troubles setting up your account or did not receive your link please let one of our team members know as soon as possible.